Our Services

One-on-One Training & Support

This is a fast & efficient method to get your accounting system up and running, how and when you need it. Attention is focused on the specific information processing demands of your business. The majority of setup & training is done at your place of business for ready access to required information and input from others on your staff, if necessary. Ongoing support can be on-site, remote, phone, fax, or e-mail. We strongly recommend the one-on-one approach for more advanced modules such as Payroll, Time Billing, Job Costing and Inventory or when accounting/computer skills are minimal.

Accounting System Conversions

Converting from one accounting system to another – regardless of the reason why – can be a positive learning experience or a horrifying nightmare. By applying the 80/20 rule to the process we reduce the chances of a negative experience. We spend 80% of our time upfront – reviewing your current processing and business needs to the planning process. The remaining 20% is the implementation of the plan. During the planning we make you think about how you do business – and look at ways to make it more effective.

Customization of standard package forms & reports can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Most accounting software packages include their own built in custom designers. If it’s something you don’t need to be changing all the time, or you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the whole process, you can make better use of your time by having the changes made by us as required.

Accounting Support & Professional Referrals

Accounting support is available at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, annually) to assist you with accounting issues in your software package such as bank reconciliations, Government remittance preparation (for payroll and sales taxes), and review of your data file in preparation for submitting year end to your accountant.
Referrals can be provided for local accounting professionals who can prepare your business year-end statements and tax returns.

Business Support Information

Our Helpful Links page is provided as a means of fast access to a variety of web sites where you can find information regarding government changes, exchange rates, technology issues, etc. If you feel we’ve missed a link that would be of value to other businesses, please contact us and we’ll consider adding it to our list.